Art Gallery Susanne Rikus, Oranienburgerstr.32, 10117 Berlin



Susanne Rikus, Artist and Visionary, shows her deep understanding of ancient Hawaiian culture in this testament to the power of Hope, Faith and most of all, Love.

(Dr Rima Morrell, Ph.D in Hawaiian culture, author of The Sacred Power of Huna)

Sofia und Orpheus

„Because the outer world is drawn to the inside world, their comes the manifestation of the non manifested.“

( Sofia and Orpheus, chapter 16, page 180)


„Life is more than just a state of birth or a journey, where there is the end and death only, it is even more than the believe in life after death.

It is a journey and the birthing state never ends.

Like with good friends allowing feelings to explore to show a good friend, like feeling sad and even allowing crying to be….“